Amber Kaiser

As a growing artist, I create an outward expression to an inward conscious. One of my favorite aspects of art is coming up with an idea, concept, or emotion- working it out in process through the most translatable medium, and successfully completing it. Sometimes these ideas work themselves out in one piece, other times it is a continuous process involving many pieces.  


For myself, as a printmaker and sculptor, the imagery is always about pulling it out of whatever medium I have chosen. Whether it is pulling away clay to reveal a figure, or carving out linoleum to draw out lines that create a complete image.


My current work deals with snap shots and memories of travels. The energy we take and leave behind with people, places and landscapes. I am also continuously working out my personal body of art that displays personification with animal-like attributes. These psychological metaphors go in and out of human interaction literally and anatomically with mammals and reptiles.


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