Ann McIntyre

I usually start with an attraction to a material and a curiosity to see how it will respond to the transformative process of the printing press. Specifically, I’m attracted to things that have been already used up for their original purpose and discarded.  I ask myself…”I can pull a second life, create a metamorphosis, out of something that has already been thrown away”?


Currently, I am experimenting with leftover packaging materials, bubble wrap, netting, and construction site fencing to build a matrix of multicolored layers and textures. The layering is compelling and unlike so many things in our instantaneous society, the process takes a long time and evolves organically through slow decision making and trial + error.  The possibilities seem endless.


I hope my work inspires others to see the infinite possibilities in everything surrounding us, to be inspired by the metamorphosis, and to be healed by the transformative power of art.


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