Bede Van Dyke

 Just as music and dance, from birth, are native within us all, one can find many other natural forms of self expression within. these talents are so obvious in children wiggling to music, making noises, or slopping it up with finger-paints. 


Much of my work addresses the landscape, both in the traditional sense, like trees, hills, and horizons and in a more abstract sense, like the human form. Some of my work is completely fluid and flowing, watercolor like and some of my work is more static and delineated. I strive for simplicity. All my work falls under the title and influence of what I call Fourteen Layers of Stains.


In all my work, it is my hope that the viewer can feel the intended message of peace and self expression within each piece. Further, it is my hope that the work can help inspire each viewer in their own personal struggle with self expression and their willingness to make the world a better place.


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