Cathie Kayser

I am a print artist. I work with various printmaking techniques—lithography, etching, relief, and monotype. Over the years I have assembled a library of images: my drawings and photographs, maps, charts and graphs, abstract textures. On any given day I could walk into my studio, pull multiple images from my library, use an existing matrix—or create a new one, and juxtapose them on the paper to make new compositions.


It was all so easy.


But during the summer of 2014 it became clear to me that I have no real “control.” My old way of working just didn’t cut it anymore. Finally, I surrendered to this realization. I put away my “library.” I put aside my comfortable ways of making work.


I let go . . . I just worked. 


The thread that tied it all together those many years was loss: loss of loved ones, loss of direction, loss of balance. The control is gone but the thread is still there. I hope those who see my work pick up a loose end and weave their own stories about my work. 


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