Grace Phillips

 A letter to Nelda Gilliam from Beatrijz Tavernier


Hi Nelda good morning,


I love this weather, it is like being home. But where is my home, I am confused, I have to tell you…


First thing to do… I love your work, that stands like a rock. Your upcoming exhibition will be a success, I know it. I loved your previous installation so much because it is you, but not as a serene person. The raw side of your search for truth and the daily fight to find the strength to continue. So real, so romantic and poetic… The new exhibition will be as good or even better. I feel it like a journey, filled with music. It is more Spiritual, the result of meditations and serenity. I love the way you draw the lines on the paper. All are good, and different. I never had the feeling to have seen a line previously, you always renovate, and reinvent the line. Some roughly, others sophisticated but always good, real… I think at the villa your work will be a rest point into a whirling Dubai Art festival. A return to the source… Fresh and cool, silence filled with music if you can listen and hear it.