Helen Gerritzen

In her work, Gerritzen plays with symbol and myth while using objects to evoke visual metaphors relating to the body. The images present and question the dualistic relationship of desire/transformation and power/gender, creating a tension between the body as a product of language and knowledge with that of the physical, mortal body. The work questions the body’s long history as a repository of cultural, sexual, medical and religious meanings.


Helen Gerritzen’s work has been exhibited internationally in numerous solo, juried and invited exhibitions, most recently Kyoto, Japan and Ottawa, Canada. Her prints were highlighted in Harvard Review (39th edition, Fall/Winter 2010). Gerritzen received her MFA from the Department of Art and Design at University of Alberta in 1999, where she has been a long-time instructor. In her various relocations, she has taught printmaking at Illinois State University and the MFAH Glassell School of Art (Houston), and served as Chair of PRINTHOUSTON: NEXT, a national biennial of contemporary print. Following Houston, she lived in rural northeast Lincolnshire, England. Gerritzen is represented by Nicole Longnecker Gallery in Houston.


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