Janet Badger

I’ve been an artist since I could first hold a crayon. Most of the labels that describe me relate to others: Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, but “Artist” is mine alone. 

Through my work I examine the process of portraiture as an interpretation of humanity, as a way of understanding and conveying the idea that even as each one of us is unique, we all have so very much in common, starting with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth! My work will speak to anyone who has ever looked into a mirror, or gazed into someone else’s eyes. 

I knew I was a Printmaker during my first college etching course. What began as a personal journey to acquire competence in a very complex field has translated into a way of thinking and creating that is tied to, and informed by the process. If I could only pull one print, I would still be making that plate. Lately etching has given way to mezzotint, and even more recently I’ve been combining some of my mezzotints with the Japanese marbling technique known as suminagashi. 

My work has been exhibited all over the world, has won awards in several states in the USA, and has been acquired by organizations including the Beaumont Art League in Texas, the Brand Library in Glendale, California, and The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society in Maine.