Kelly Moran

New York native Kelly Moran is a printmaker who lives and works in Houston, TX. She is currently maintaining a printmaking studio in the Houston Heights area. Ms. Moran attended the Florida School of the Arts. She earned a BFA in painting from Louisiana Tech University and studied ceramics at the University of Houston, and in Jakarta, Indonesia. While completing an apprenticeship at the renowned Little Egypt Enterprises, Ms. Moran discovered her interest in printmaking.From 2003 to 2011 Ms. Moran worked as the associate director of Texas Collabortive, a fineart printmaking establisment founded by master Printer Dan Mitchell Allison in Houston, Texas. In her practice as an artist she combines the 17th century techniques of Rembrandt with 21st century digital computer technology; and creates hand pulled prints and mixed media pieces that challenge you to see the world with her unique vision. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions around the country. Her works hang in museums, as well as in corporate and private collections and presently she is teaching printmaking at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts.


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