Linde Pieper

 I see myself as a natural forager of shapes and colour within the diverse natural and cultural surroundings in the places I have called home around the world. Trying to make sense of the concept of “home” and “belonging” is an important drive in developing my visual language. Although my art is mostly abstract it is rooted in the colours, rhythms and textures of memories; of a place and time in the past. I look for accidents to happen in the works in order to achieve a freedom, leaving the representational as I am working and for the unconscious to take over.


I explore my visual language through different forms of printmaking. The pace at which I create and choose the printing plates is slow and considered. This allows me to declutter my thoughts and reflect. Over many years I have built up an extensive library of plates, which I can dip into as needed, each one an individual memory of a place and time in the past. My ‘plates’ can be anything from copper to wood to plastic to cardboard to actual objects collected over time. Some were made deliberately, others marked by ‘life’ in the studio while being moved around from one place to another. Some are the backs of plates, forgotten and not protected. Some are made out of the very packing materials which have moved me around the world. By finding a way to make them work together, I am able to make sense of the past in the present.