Lucinda Cobley

The Intervals and Disappearance Series are on-going bodies of work. Almost filmic in quality they visually explore effects of changing and disappearing light suggestive of the passing of time. Monoprinting techniques are applied to translucent plastic film. An earlier series of paintings called Shadows 2009-10 is echoed in these prints. The original paintings were executed in dark blue pigments including Prussian blue and ultramarine. In one sequence a vertical slither of light is reduced to a blue shadow form. As I began to work with a brayer instead of a palette knife and brush, I found the action of rolling the rubber brayer across the plastic surface would cause the ink to skip in irregular areas and appear as cloudlike forms scudding across a deep blue sky. I also found the width of the brayer would make other repetitive marks of dense ink becoming built-up or petering out and together they created a banding effect rather like rows of photographic negatives stacked one on top of the other. 


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