Marie Leterme

Trained in the discipline of etching, I proudly followed those traditional, and very strict rules for many years, while printing editions. Recently I have been exploring the spontaneity, the joy and freedom that monotype allows. To me the press is simply another tool that I like to use in all kinds of unconventional ways as I run “forbidden” materials on the press. 


I am well aware of the risks involved in this approach but I am – often enough – rewarded by some unexpected results.


In spring of 2015, I began a series of monotypes, printing found objects that have a personal history; some are fragments of our 1891 Galveston building.   After the devastation left by hurricane IKE,Regeneration seems appropriate for this series as our garden is once again full of flowers- and weeds- in full bloom; but I also found remnants of debris left by IKE, so the word Vestiges came to mind, whileTotem is a recurring theme in my sculpture as well as prints.


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