Mary Lee Gray

The major processes I use to make prints are relief techniques: woodcuts, linocuts, and found objects, including cardboard.  These are often combined with monoprint and collage.  Making art for me involves using images, color and form to communicate what has touched my life.  My initial impulse may come from a tree in light, a human being moving or being very still, a memory, thought, phrase, random sound, or from the tools and process of making the art.  Making a work of art is like putting together a puzzle from disparate pieces, from the dichotomy of experiences.


I received a BA in art and English from Mississippi State College for Women, a MFA with an emphasis in printmaking from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and an EdD from the University of Houston.   I taught at Marian High School in Bellaire, Dominican College, HCC, and the University of Houston.  I was also the K-12 curriculum coordinator for art and manager of the district museum for the Spring Branch ISD.  I show my work at Archway Gallery.