Sharon Navage

 Sharon Navage is a printmaker whose work encompasses a wide range of printmaking techniques.  These, combined with expressive collage work and other added media allows her the widest latitude to express her creative talent.  She has a fascination with photography and water media that is often incorporated in her work along with a unique ability to juxtapose found objects and hand carved stamps.  She is an avid collector of odd bits and pieces, maps, paper, photos, buttons, and stamps, and loves to photograph flowers, doors, windows and old buildings.She received her BFA from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.  She was born in and currently resides in Texas, but along the way she has had the good fortune to live and study in both Europe and Malaysia.   One strong influence was Mandarin teacher and brush painting artist/ author, Mr. Chong Chen Chuan from China and his encouragement to paint boldly and capture the essence of the idea.  The chance to work with him on Chinese painting restoration for the British Museum led to water media being the focus of her work until she met printmaking in 1996. That began an addiction that has continued unabated.


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