Suzanne Manns

In 2005 a 130 year-old southern red oak tree died on my property in the Houston Heights. In February of the same year my mother died. At that time I made images of the oak tree which were iconic references to my emotional response to her death. More recently the poignant loss of so many trees in Houston, due to catastrophic climate conditions, has contributed to continued use of tree imagery in my work.


Most of my images are of trees found in my garden, my neighborhood or photographed while traveling in Europe. They focus on single elements or combinations of bits and fragments to create individualized imagery, filtered through my physical and psychological perceptions while meditating on the fragile, yet enduring nature of life.


A variety of techniques are used to produce the prints including: monotype, etching, photopolymer, collagraph and lithography as well as digitally generated images derived from my photographs.